About Us

SunSkyns is a mother/daughter company who, seeking to enjoy outdoor water activities, wanted to protect their skin from the sun.  "One day, after a particularly hot day on the water, we brainstormed about the design of the perfect sun-protective swim suit.  It turns out we agreed on the design features!  We both wanted an ensemble that was elegant, flattering, modular, and easy to get on and off." 

After realising other women worried about the effects of sun also, and not finding an appropriate ensemble in retail, they designed and manufactured the perfect SunSkyns items so they could get going!  They hope you enjoy being active and gorgeous in SunSkyns with your family and friends: with peace of mind that you are protected.

SunSkyns offers an elegant compression fabric SPF 50+ “sun ensemble”, designed as separates, to be worn depending on activity needs.  Perfect for all outdoor activities from water sports to walking on the beach, SunSkyns helps protect women from harmful UV rays and helps protect the marine environment by eliminating the need for sunscreen.

Our Impact:

SunSkyns products give women the freedom to engage in water activities without worrying about the effects of the sun on suit-covered areas.  The ensemble allows women to wear separates as needed.  Each matching item in the ensemble is designed for maximum sun protection, ease of movement and figure enhancement.

SunSkyns aims to reduce the human impact on the marine environment we all know and love by eliminating the need for sunscreen when in the ocean.  Commercial sunscreens have been known to wash off skin and into the water where they sink and settle on coral and invade fish habitats


Our Products:

Our Swim Suit, Swim Jacket, Swim Skirt are designed for active women who want to enjoy water activities without worrying about swim wear suitability or exposure to sun.  How many time have we swam in the ocean or dove into a pool only to find a piece of our swim wear elsewhere?

Our products are designed to be high quality, elegant and flattering with special consideration given to sun protection, color balance and styling.